The House at the Edge of the Galaxy

Director’s Statement

I am drawn to the concept of perpetual cycle, psychological barriers, illusion of entrapment and inevitability, and how people project their own emotions of disillusion into attempts to escape themselves.

In the allegorical search to escape, The House at the Edge of the Galaxy explores that the exit can be found through its recognition, and that the cycle can be broken from within.

The theme of longing to escape, either physical or psychological, is woven through my work. While trying to escape, a trapped child meets a lonely traveler who teaches the child how to plant a “star”.

I am interested in the arc of relationship between father and son and old and young that develops from the rejection of the own psyche to the renewal of tight bonds that exist internally, but begin to disintegrate.

I use simple allegory to reveal the cyclical pattern in the complex reality of people’s lives.